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If you bake, decorate, craft, or create in any way, you know that things don't often pan out exactly as you plan. No matter how hard you try sometimes, despite the extensive planning, the advanced shopping trips, and the mental calendar, things manage to fall apart. Man! Do I have some stories, (e.g the bottom of a cake falling out, frosting all over the floor, a spray of powder sugar all over the floor, sticky floors, and melt downs...)! So! I've decided to chronicle them. "Chronicle" as defined in the dictionary means, "A factual written account of important or historical events in the order of their occurrence." (Thank you Google!) In my attempts to live completely transparent, I, Sheree Hollis Gilles, promise to give you all of the details, no matter how sticky. I hope that my mishaps can bring fellow creatives a little solace knowing that you are absolutely NOT the only one that ends up crying in the middle of the night because your latest project has just hit the fan and you have to be up in four hours and act like a reasonable human being capable of logical and intelligent thoughts. If you know me at all, and for those getting to know me, I am completely unpleasant on little sleep. Like you'll hate me. You'll wonder what hole I crawled out of and how long it will take me to scamper back. This blog is me saying, "I see you," "I understand," and, "We will get through together." My plan is to post hilarious stories, tips and tricks that I figured out or learned from the greats (Youtube, Google, Instagrammers, etc.), and to connect with you. Art flourishes within community and I have learned some of the best tips from those willing to share their trade secrets. Gifts and creativity are meant to be shared, that is what God intended from the beginning. Creativity is not meant to be stored up and horded so that only you or I can enjoy. I may meet you at your door with a beautiful spectacle of a cake, but you will never know the amount of hours I truly slaved making flowers, or remaking frosting, or crying, or avoiding it all together. Let's change that. Let me introduce myself! My name is Sheree and I bake. I have a full time job and I bake on the side, which leads to late night escapades with my kitchenaid (maybe I'm also a rapper, check out that sweet rhyme right there). What you read from here on out, is all true. True stories of one stranger, picked to live in a house, bake and have my mishaps and successes chronicled, to find out what happens when the middle of the night rolls around and I haven't frosted a cake....and start getting real. (For all you Real World fans!)



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